The Land of Bucium
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   The Întregalde Gorge
   The Daffodils' Clearing
   The Galdiţa and Turcu  Gorge
   The Pravu Gorge
   The Scărişoara Glacier  Cave
   Huda lui Papară
   Vânătările Ponorului

V Â N Ă T Ă R I L E     P O N O R U L U I


  The geological reservation consists of a huge steepness cut in limestone, the usual white color of the rocks being changed to violet-blue by the waters that flow down inside the mountain.


     The steepness can be reached by taking the county road DJ 107 I Aiud - Ponor - Mogos (through the villages of Rīmet, Valea Poienii and Ponor) or the national road (DN 75) Turda to from Salciua de Jos on the Aries valley to the Sub Piatra and Valea Poeinii villages.


     The funnel shaped steepness is 80 m deep. There are three streams meeting in the depth of the Dīlbina cave and then crossing the massif through Huda lui Papara cave. The Albamont Tourist Club from Alba Iulia built a belvedere terrace in 2004, so the tourists may enjoy the spectacular view of the waterfall from the opposite stone wall.