The Land of Bucium
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   The Întregalde Gorge
   The Daffodils' Clearing
   The Galdiţa and Turcu  Gorge
   The Pravu Gorge
   The Scărişoara Glacier  Cave
   Huda lui Papară
   Vânătările Ponorului

T H E     S C Ă R I Ş O A R A
G L A C I E R     C A V E


     The glacier can be reached through a vertical entrance, located on the PÓrjoala Peak (1165 m), on the left side of the GÓrda Seaca valley. The path towards the cave starts in GÓrda village, which is located in the Ariesu Mare valley, 32 km northwest from CÓmpeni (on the DN 75).


     The access inside the cave is facilitated by metallic stair fixed in the vertical walls. The cave consists of a single room, more than 700 m long, containing a huge block of ice at its center. The glacier is 4000 years old and has a volume of 75.000 mc.