The Land of Bucium
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   The Întregalde Gorge
   The Daffodils' Clearing
   The Galdiţa and Turcu  Gorge
   The Pravu Gorge
   The Scărişoara Glacier  Cave
   Huda lui Papară
   Vânătările Ponorului

T H E     P R A V U     G O R G E


  Located in the central-western Trascau Mountains (the Ciumerna - Bedeleu unit) and on the Pravu valley, a tributary stream of the Mogos valley, the gorge is classified as a geological reservation.


     The spectacular limestone gorge consists of steep walls and isolated rocks on both sides, surrounded with slopes covered by detritus.


     Three caves can be found on the left side of Pravu valley, near the Botani village. The most important one is called “Pestera cu ape” and it was shaped by a subterranean stream with many waterfalls.