The Land of Bucium
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T H E    D A F F O D I L S '    C L E A R I N G


     The Daffodils' Clearing is a botanical reservation created to protect the beautiful daffodil (Narcissus stelaris), also called "rusculita" or "lusca" by the natives.


     The reservation is located in the Metaliferi Mountains, east of the Vīlcoi peak (1348 m high), on the crest between the Negrileasa and the Grozea valleys. The flowers cover the peak and the northwestern side of the Dealul Buciumanilor (between 1150 and 1250 m) and also the northeastern side of the Vīlcoi Mountain.


     The daffodils used to cover much larger areas in the Apuseni Mountains, but their number have much decreased due to the animal grazing.


     The annual Feast of the Daffodils has also a negative impact, however the Negrileasa reservation remains one of the largest and most impressive.