The Land of Bucium
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   The Întregalde Gorge
   The Daffodils' Clearing
   The Galdiţa and Turcu  Gorge
   The Pravu Gorge
   The Scărişoara Glacier  Cave
   Huda lui Papară
   Vânătările Ponorului

T H E     Î N T R E G A L D E     G O R G E


     The Intregalde gorge cut the Ciumerna-Bedeleu limestone massif, located in the Western Trascau Mountains.


     The 1,5 km. long gorge consists of spectacular and picturesque walls, towers and natural gates, separated by slopes covered with debris.


     The Intregalde Gorge has been classified as a protected area due to its geologic and botanical values as the edelweiss (Gnaphalium leontopodium), which blooms here at the lowest altitude in all Romania.