The Land of Bucium
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   The Întregalde Gorge
   The Daffodils' Clearing
   The Galdiţa and Turcu  Gorge
   The Pravu Gorge
   The Scărişoara Glacier  Cave
   Huda lui Papară
   Vânătările Ponorului

H U D A     L U I     P A P A R Ă


     The Huda lui Papara cave is the longest one from the Trascau Mountains and the 31st among the other caves in Romania.

     It can be reached by taking the national road DN 75 from Cāmpeni or Turda to Salciua de Jos village and then the county road to Sub Piatra village (4 km)


     The Albamont Tourist Club from Alba Iulia recently made a 250 m wooden path inside the cave, at a medium height of 20 m above the stream, in order to promote a controlled visit of the cave and to protect it.