The Land of Bucium
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             The communities of the Bucium Valley lead a unique existence based both on agriculture and mining. There are striking differences between the Bucium people and the "mocani" living in the neighbouring valley of Mogos, who are utterly dependent on bread stocking and agriculture. Although the Romanian element is predominant in Bucium, there are still some remnants of Hungarian and German origin in the family names of the inhabitants and in the mining terminology. Onomastical and toponimycal studies will be made for the Poeni and Izbita villages, both of them geographically linked to the gold mines of the Corabia-Vulcoi area.

             There are few old wooden houses still preserved in the area, so part of the ethnographical research will be dedicated to the traditional architecture. Special attention will be paid to the surviving handicrafts of the Bucium Valley, whose activity will not only be studied but also promoted.

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