The Land of Bucium
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             The extensive field surveys in the Bucium area will offer basic informations for the location of the ancient mining, ore concentration, smelting and habitation sites.

             This part of our project will produce a complete inventory of the ancient and modern mine workings still to be found in the Bucium area. Extensive field surveys already started in 2003 and continued in 2004. Aerial surveys are also planned for 2005.

             The land surveys will last every year from April till October and will involve teams of volunteers led by proffesional archaeologists. The assistance of 1-2 topographers will be asked periodically, according to the results of the land surveys.

             Each site presentation will consist of a short description, a topographical map with the exact location of the site, photos and the most important references, when the site was already known. The inventory will be used to officialy demand the protection of the future Mine Heritage Park of Bucium.

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